About Us

Thank you for taking the time to review our website and our services. TorontoBoost.com is a cloud-based SEO media company developed for the reason of providing low-cost affordable search engine optimization services and web development.

What does “cloud-based” mean?

We operate our services without any head office. By eliminating the expense of a costly office, we have been able to reduce a tremendous amount of overhead thus passing on the saving to you (our clients).

We are a group of coders and programmers that work throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We have specialized in website development for well over 10 years and SEO for almost as long. Our team is extremely knowledgeable and successful in ranking for some of the hardest keywords on the internet.

If you have any question please contact us by email or phone and we would be more then happy to assist you.

Gerry Barja

Gerry Barja is a 15 year veteran as an SEO specialist and web developer & works out of Mississauga and Vancouver BC. Gerry has developed various internet startups using his expertise in the field. He is known for ranking some of the hardest keyword search terms in North-America including “SEO Toronto” and was one of the first SEO specialists to write about phonetic (spoken) searches and SEO.

Gerry created the worlds first ICO mobile alerting application ICOlert. He partakes in various ICO projects and has marketed many crypto and ICO startups. He is also the founder of ICOMarketing.Group, and is a marketing team member of ColossusXT COLX cryptocurrency.

Darren Glowacki

Darren Glowacki resides in Grimsby and has a decade-long track record in marketing, e-commerce, and digital marketing roles. He has worked in both entrepreneurial and “company” environments. Darren has successfully managed many different projects utilizing a vast digital skill-set and strategic insight.

Darren was formerly the Marketing Manager for one of Ontario’s largest orthotics organizations.  He managed both digital and traditional marketing campaigns for 3 companies and was instrumental in digitizing the company. Darren also has experience managing various e-commerce sites as well as marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.