This tutorial will help any webmaster, web developer, online business owner, blogger or anyone interested in ranking a webpage in Google quickly. I have been a web developer and SEO specialist for many years, have learned some valuable tricks along the way so I will be teaching you in this short tutorial.

Reasons to Rank?

I know it may seem like a silly question but before you embark on ranking a webpage you should first have a defined purpose or goal. In specific I will be teaching you on how to rank an inner-page such as a blog post or inner-page on your website. Have you ever heard the term, “content is king”? Well, I can confirm that this saying is true without a doubt. First, ask yourself what message you want to broadcast to the Internet world. Do you have a product or service to sell or have a story/message that really needs to be read or heard? Keep in mind the technique I will show you can rank videos as well because you can simply embed the video into the post itself. After you establish the search term you want to rank in Google you are then ready to get started.

Understanding Google Bot

source-code-websiteBefore you begin banging out your blog post or page first think like a Google bot. What is the purpose of Google search engine anyways and what the hell is a bot? The purpose of Google’s search engine is to basically provide a service to the general public. The purpose is to provide the most pertinent and authoritative information to the searcher/user. This aside from them selling advertising of course via Adwords. In order to accomplish this massive task, they require bots which are programs that spider the world wide web and gather website intelligence. Every page on the Internet that is not blocked by code will eventually be indexed in Google search engine. The bot goes out and crawls every corner of the web and gathers source code of the website it visits. This information comes back home to Google and gets put through an algorithm which will determine the placement of a website. Whether the webpage is #1 on the very first page of a search term or page #99 it is always at the mercy of Google’s algorithm. This is why we must first understand how Google thinks. Understanding what Google looks for will answer the questions as to why we provide certain elements.

Start Building the Webpage

Now that we have a background on what Google is thinking in terms of ranking we can begin building out the webpage. There are certain elements that are required for your webpage and we call these onsite SEO elements. These elements are critical as they will be present in the source code of your webpage for Google bot to read. The onsite elements (in no specific order) are:

  • H-tag title tags ie. H1, H2, H3 etc.
  • Image title tag and alt tags.
  • Meta title and meta description.
  • 100% copyscape content.
  • Embedded video.

There are a few other onsite elements but not necessary during your website build and can be added at a later date very easily. The non-mentioned elements are bullets and or numbers. In no specific order of importance, I will explain briefly each of the mentioned elements and it’s importance.

100% Copyscape

All this means using authoritative written content that is not plagiarized from anywhere on the Internet. Google wants to provide authoritative content to the reader/searcher so make sure you have great engaging content. Remember to include the search term that you are targeting at least once in the written content. it is not necessary to insert the term multiple times.

Title Tags

Simply refers to header tags which are done in the administration section of your webpage when creating the page. Headers are simply titles. H1 is the most important to H5 etc. for subheadings. Remember to include the search term you are targeting once in the H1 tag.

Meta Title and Meta Description

Meta titles must include the keyword search term that you are targeting. Remember to include your term only once to prevent any penalty.

Embedding a Video

I would advise embedding your video from Youtube. Why? Google owns Youtube and since you want to rank in Google search engine you should utilize Google products naturally. Insert the video somewhere at the end of the webpage. You can simply insert it at the bottom of the page.

Image Tags

This simply refers to including your image title tag and alternative image tag. Alternative (alt) tag is simply a creative sentence which includes your search term. Also, include your search term in your image title tag.

Once your content is done and all elements are executed you can publish your webpage and simply wait for the page to be indexed organically. There is no need for any backlinks. Let Google bot explore your website and it will index it probably within 7 days.

Visit your webpage after a week and if you find it is not ranked near the top for your search term you can add social media buttons to share it. Also, you can open up comments to your post so others can engage. This trick brings return visits and signals Google that your page can trend. Ask your friends to visit your page and request that they comment on your article post.

I am inserting a video I found on Youtube below that may have some pertinent information for your interest. If you have any interest in receiving a free website analysis or want a consultation, feel free to contact Gerry Barja.

Thanks for reading:)